December 24, 2019

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Honor Band 5 Price in India, Review, Features, Details

Planning to buy a new activity tracker? Here is Honor Band 5 accompanies an AMOLED show, pulse screen and new clock appearances to browse. This is the Honor band 5 a spending wellness tracker.

Honor Band 5
Honor Band 5


First of all the design, the band 5 sports a typical fitness tracker look is made out of rubber plastic and glass that covers a really nice sharp and responsive AMOLED touchscreen show which is additionally effectively perceptible outside one of the features to me by and by an entirely agreeable to wear tie that has a pleasant finished completion the band is also very light so we can barely feel it when you wear it I think that comfort is number-one thing when it comes to fitness trackers and the band prime nails it would say it’s a little bit more comfortable to wear than the Xiaomi Mi band 4 when your wrists are sweating well yet important feature when exercising.the user interface is pretty simple and straightforward you just simply swipe up or down or to the sides and the home button takes you home.

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The band 5 supports attend sports modes which are really nice considering the price of just about 2,399 here wish there is a dedicated wader strength training mode but free preparing mode rather and the boycott 5 shows every one of the fundamentals initially like pulse zone calories consumed, etc you can likewise follow your swims since the band is waterproof up to 50 meters I found the heart rate monitor to be very accurate and the bat measures steps taken precisely at least these were my results when I compared the band to the most expensive smartwatches like a Garmin Phoenix 6s Pro I’m also quite amazed by how much tech this little device hands the vampire chips with a true sleep technology that automatically detects a light deep and REM sleep there are also spo2 blood oxygen monitoring and music control features that work fine.

Honor Band 5
Honor Band 5


The battery life is pretty good too I was able to get from 12 to 14 days of usage which is close to official claims charging time is about one and a half hours I found all the notifications to be working well including WhatsApp Twitter Gmail and Facebook Messenger notifications come in time with no delays the health app gives you a lot of information about your health and fitness routines and it also manages steps data from your phone and the watch which is really important if you don’t want to wear the watch all the time the application also gives you detailed information about your workouts further the application has quite a few settings and tweaks to play with so we can always make the Honor band 5 look your own 

Overall the Honor Band 5 is a great fitness tracker that has a lot of features and I think is a heck of a deal for the price of just about 2,399 I am yet to see any shortcomings of it and therefore I can easily recommend it what do you think would you choose the honor band 5 or would you choose another option Comment Down 

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