Honor Band 5i price in India; Specifications, review, Features

honor band 5i

Honor is going to launch tomorrow a new version of the Honor band faith and is the Honor Band 5i this smart band is similar to the Honor Band 5 but with few changes so let’s find out more about it.

honor Band 5i
Honor Band 5i

The Honor Band 5i this variant is already available in China it will be the same variant which is getting launched here the highlighted feature which is plug and charge, stylish watch faces, plug-in charge, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, 9 workout modes, 50-meter water-resistant and you get the smart notifications for calls and messages Honor Band 5i is very similar looking to the Honor Band 5 however there are few changes if you look closely.

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Build, Battery & Specifications:-

First is the screen in the Honor Band 5i you get slightly bigger 0.96 in screen as compared to the 0.95 inches in the Honor Band 5 but the main difference is a screen type in the regular honor band 5 we get the Emulate touch screen and here in the honor band 5i we get the TFT display with the lower screen resolution the strap is also slightly different in style but overall quality of border straps and the smartband itself is really good apart from that in other changes you have 91 million power battery as compared to the hundred million power battery in the honor of and 5 both at 50 meters water-resistant and in the honor band 5i you get the 3 x’s inertial sensor as compared to the 6 XS inertial sensor in the honor band 5 but the main change in this variant, of course, the pricing will be less and it will be cheaper than the regular version and also in this you have a plug in charge option and you can remove the strap with this button and then plug it in directly to any USB port in terms of features you’d be using the same app which is the huawei health in the pairing process is really simple just go to the add device section and that set in terms of features.


On the smart band you have the same navigation gestures where you swipe up and down to go through a different menu and then swipe right from the middle to go back one step there is also a capacitive button here at the bottom to take you back to the main screen now talking about the features so first, you have the watt face which you can also change by long pressing on the screen and in this, you only get 3-watt faces and there is no option of adding more as of now looking at the menu so first, you have the pedometer which shows your current day step counts burn calories and distance traveled and then we have the heart rate option which is also accurate like the honor band five then you can also use the continuous heart rate monitoring in this like the honor band five you also get the SPO 2 monitoring in this variant and then we have the sleep tracking which will show you your last night’s sleep data after that we have the workout menu where you have total 9 workout modes and then we have the mode menu where you have settings of the smart band such as brightness screen on time watch faces and so on so in terms of menu it’s also similar with the same icon style like the honor band 5.

App Settings:-

About the companion app, I will just cover the settings part so in the device settings you can turn on notifications for calls and messages you can silent a call as well as detect the call from the band itself there is no option of preset replies in this as well apart from that in the applicant also enable to sleep tracking feature which I highly recommend as honor bands are the best when it comes to sleep tracking and also from the settings you can enable the continuous heart rate monitoring but this will reduce the battery life.

Honor Band 5i
Honor Band 5i

Battery Backup:-

Now talking more about the Honor band 5i battery Life this smart band comes with a 91 million power battery but it will get approximately 10 days of battery backup which is less as compared to the 15 days of battery backup from the honor band 5 the charging time is approximately 1.5 hours and thanks to the quick plugin charge you can charge it anywhere without the need of any separate charging dock.

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So overall Honor Band 5i is a step-down version of the honor band 5 design quality is almost same which is actually very good but you’re missing features like emulating touch screen and you’ll be getting almost half battery backup from this variant but if you’re on a budget or looking for a first fitness tracker then the honor band 5 I will be a very good option in China this variant was launched  In India it comes on Rupees 1,999 this will be a very good option and if you don’t mind the AMOLED touchscreen and slightly less battery backup then for sure check it out and as usual if you like it and want to buy one right now then do check the Buy link so that’s it, guys, overview of the honor band 5i let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you would Buy this over the honor band 5 in the comment section below. 

HONOR Band 5i (Meteorite Black)

M.R.P.:₹ 2,999.00
Deal of the Day:₹ 1,999.00
Honor Band 5i

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