Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker worth Rs 1,399? in India Review


If you were looking for a more wallet-friendly Bluetooth Speaker then well it doesn’t get any better than this so friends this right here is Xiaomi’s all New Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker let’s get on to the full review of the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker let’s start

Mi outdoor Bluetooth speakers


with the design of the Mi outdoor Bluetooth Speaker now usually budget Bluetooth speakers send them off for good looking designs and they’re rarely ever rugged but Xiaomi has done a darn good job here the outer shell of the Mi Bluetooth speaker comprises two different finishes with the top of the unit making use of a woven fabric hisk material and the base of the speaker featuring a rubberized finish the speaker offers just the right amount of weight to and it’s not too heavy making it difficult to carry or too lightweight thereby giving off the impression of a cheap product either now the Mi outdoor speaker might be inexpensive but the company has left no stone unturned in the durability department not only does the mesh design of the unit add to its ruggedness as it handles scuffs and scratches better but the speaker is IP x5 rated to meaning you could use it by the pool and not worry about splashes from your belly flops damaging the unit you even get a lanyard of sorts with the Mi outdoor bluetooth speaker which comes in handy should you want to hand the speaker like in all seriousness the lanyard works wonders for hanging the speaker by a door handle in your room and you can even use the bundle clip to increase or decrease the size of the loop.

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So what about the Ports and buttons well if you undo the gasket like so then you’ll find a MicroUSB port to charge the speaker along with the 3.5 mm aux port for wired connections the buttons are distributed on the other two sides of the speaker including toggles to increase or decrease the volume a power button and a play/pause button which also invokes the search assistant of your choice on a quick double-tap, unfortunately, you cannot skip or change tracks through the speaker itself but on the bright side pun intended you do get an LED notification light with the speaker which flashes blue when the unit is in pairing mode and read when you’re running low and choose on the hole though I absolutely love the design of the Mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker I would have liked if the company offered the speaker in more colors but barring that the design of the Mi outlawed Bluetooth speaker is aces in my books.


Let’s quickly breeze through the specs so the Mi Bluetooth speaker ships with a maximum power output of 5 watts which for the company is the loudest in its segment the unit can operate across a frequency range of 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and connects to compatible devices why Bluetooth version 5.0.

Mi outdoor Bluetooth speakers

Sound Quality & Battery Life 

Now it’s not surprising that the sound signature of the Mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker sways in the favor of the low end what I liked about the sound profile though was that the bass output is quite tamed and although it will impact the vocals and the highs it won’t sound boomy or echoey unlike what you might hear from similarly priced offerings correspondingly beats relate through the speaker have a tight punch and minimal decay which is ideal for when you want to listen to songs from the EDM or pop genre the song kicks off with a funky rhythm which much to my surprise sounded incredibly polished through the speaker the beats had a good slam and the vocals albeit not Tony accurate sounded fun to listen to as well as there was no civility to speak off like I said you will notice that the vocal sound a tad deeper through the speaker, however, I didn’t make much of it primarily because I don’t look for accuracy but rather clarity in this price range so if you listen to a lot of Music you’ll feel right at home with the Mi Bluetooth speaker that said the treble takes a huge dip in the quality and it wasn’t remotely as sparkly or energetic as I’d like it to be suffice it to say you won’t enjoy listening to a lot of rock songs through the speaker 

Now going for the unit size you would be wise to assume that the speaker doesn’t create a convincing soundstage and you can muffle it easily by placing it upside down too but for what it’s worth the Mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker gets audaciously loud and it’ll easily fill a moderately sized room with the Bluetooth connection either and the speaker’s 2000 mah Battery netted be around 50 nos with the volume set to 80% at all times now it’s not quite the 20 hours which the company claims but it’s still good enough.

Mi outdoor Bluetooth speakers

So what’s the verdict well it doesn’t happen as often but the Mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker is quite frankly a slam dunk from the company now unit retails for Rupees 1399 and for the price I can’t really fault it for anything I mean the sound signature of the speaker is a lot of fun to listen to it has excellent battery life it is rugged it offers a six months warranty and it comes with this really cool Haneul I think the only way I would have liked the speaker mode if it came and more peppy colors but barring that the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is a very easy recommendation to make but guys that wrap up my full review of the Mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker do let me know in the comments below.

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