Motorola One Fusion Plus Review Price In India


A smartphone with a Snapdragon 750g SOC at 17,000 rupees and all-screen front and near-stock Android now this sounds apt for a budget Google pixels smartphone but surprisingly it’s Motorola that has delivered exactly this with the one fusion plus now stay with me right in the end

Motorola Fusion One Plus

Motorola One Fusion Plus Review

The Motorola One fusion plus is one of the very few new phones with a  due to this you get an uninterrupted view of the 6.5-inch display to remember that there is no protective glass and Motorola only says that it has used an anti-fingerprint and an anti-scratch coating so you’ll need to be very careful the display is really crisp and has good brightness and viewing angles along with HDR 10 support the single speaker is loud enough to fill a small room and adds to the video watching experience I could also hear the phone ringing from an adjacent room easily this phone also has the motor display feature which prevents the phone from going into standby while you are looking at the screen. Another nice feature Peak Display lets you interact with notifications while the screen is locked and in a way makes up for a missing notification within Edie while the display is good I found the Motorola One Fusion Plus to be a little chunky as it is 9.6 mm in thickness and weighs about 210 grams Motorola has thankfully curved the side of this device which make it somewhat comfortable to hold 

The Rear Mount or fingerprint scanner is quick to unlock the smartphone since google has removed face recognition from Android 10 the Motorola One fusion plus does not have this feature I didn’t miss it too much as the pop-up camera is a little slow to rise what I like most about the Motorola One fusion plus is the fact that it runs Near-stock Android 10 with a few useful features that are added I’ve already told you about peak display and motor display and it has same moto action gestures that fans love using you could do a 1. double chop like a ninja to turn on the flashlight or a double crank to launch the camera there are many more gestures here which I’m sure you will discover if you use the smartphone using the Motorola one fusion plus felt a lot like using a Google pixel device and I prefer the clean approach to Android over a custom skin during my time using this device other manufacturers take note.


The Motorola one fusion plus is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 G processor with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage I did not notice any lag or strata while using it and could multitask very easily there’s enough grunt to handle day-to-day duties as well as gaming of PUBG mobile defaulted to the high presets with graphics set to HD and framerate set to high I played this game at these settings without any issues for 20 minutes after which the smartphone was barely warm to the touch.

Motorola Fusion One Plus

The Motorola One fusion plus Have a 5000 mAh Battery easily lasted over a day and a half before needing to be plugged in for charging it managed to warn for 15 hours and 45 minutes in our HD video loop test charging via the 18-watt turbocharger is relatively quick but we have seen even faster charging from the competition the phone got up to 32% in 30 minutes and took a little over to us to charge completely 


I’m going to talk about all the cameras on the Motorola One fusion plus but before I do that I want to say that I was really impressed with the night mode performance on this particular device you have to see the photos to believe the results I am going to talk about the camera Hardware first and then tell you how this particular smartphone performed the phone has a 64-megapixel primary sensor a wide-angle camera a 5-megapixel macro camera and a depth sensor in daylight it managed good shots with ample detail even objects at a distance at this in detail and text was legible close-ups turned out quite well to the primary The camera adds a natural in-depth effect to the background which looks nice I found the ultra-wide-angle camera to be good for shooting landscapes you will see a watercolor-like effect on zooming the macro camera lets you go closer to the subject and manages decent details however it is restricted to 5 megapixels in resolution in portrait mode edge detection is good and the background is blurred properly low-light camera performance is average and the Motorola one fusion class misses out on details in the shadows the output appears slightly grainy on zooming in switching on night mode eliminates most of these issues instantly I had to hold the phone steady for slightly longer but the output with night mode was a lot brighter and had improved details with shadows as well.

There’s a 16 megapixel top of selfie camera and this device selfies at good details the portrait mode the edge detection was decent in low-light the quality dips but the selfie camera also supports night mode which helps to some extent video recording maxes out at 4k for the primary camera while the selfie shooter has limited to 1080p in daylight for Motorola one fusion plus manages to stabilize footage do very well at 1080p while doing a decent job at 4k however stabilization does not work as well in low light resulting in a shimmer effect in the output.

Motorola Fusion One Plus


The highlights of the Motorola One fusion plus is its clean bloat well free in your stock Android software which provides an excellent user experience moto actions are thoughtful and adds usable functionality the display lacks a faster refresh rate but is bright and has good viewing angles the loud button firing speaker enhances the video watching experience it’s been a while since enjoyed testing a budget smartphone as much as I did with the Motorola one Fusion plus I hope Motorola keeps the software up to date which gives this device an edge over the competition that’s it the company has got the specifications and the price is 16,999 right this time and well it kind of makes it very easy for me to recommend this smartphone for anyone who’s looking at a device under 20,000 rupees and that was my review of the Motorola One fusion plus and what do you think about this smartphone let me know in the comment section down below.

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