OnePlus Concept one smartphone in India Review and specifications


Oneplus is here and it’s something that we have not seen on a smartphone before it’s not the foldable design it’s something that is entirely different.

OnePlus Concept One.
OnePlus Concept One.

The Oneplus concept one is a device with a disappearing design basically the cameras on the back can disappear this is achieved by the use of electrochromic glass and the result is astonishing the camera lenses will only appear when you’re using the camera app and as soon as you close it the cameras will disappear within seconds imagine a phone with no visible back cameras in 2020 how clean of a design that will be especially now with phones with crazy 

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camera looks on the back it’s actually made in collaboration with McLaren it’s the same gloss used in one of the high-end cars so this is a pretty high-quality tag as for the actual cameras they are pretty much the same as the oneplus 7 T Pro same specs but the difference is the use of electrochromic glass this special glass allows the cameras to be completely hidden and only appeared when you need them it’s very interesting but more importantly if this can be implemented on the front camera of the phone that would be really amazing of course we don’t know that because the front of the phone is different from the back there’s a whole high-quality high refresh rate OLED panel sitting as well right now there are only a few concepts oneplus devices that will be showcased at CES 2020 which is happening  what oneplus will actually be bringing on the market is very different from this concept and that is the oneplus 8 lineup oneplus is expanding its lineup this time we’re going to see 3 oneplus 8 devices oneplus 8, oneplus 8 Pro, oneplus 8 lines yes every year oneplus devices are getting expensive so that is leaving a room for a cheaper budget version of a oneplus device and that’s where the oneplus 8 light will come into play 

oneplus concept one
Oneplus concept one

according to the latest leaks the oneplus 8 light will have very similar design to the Galaxy A 51 it’s gonna have a punch hole there is the middle slightly thicker bezels but the display will be 6.4 inches AMOLED and 90 Hartz refresh rate a snippy using the latest generation of the media tech chipset dubbed as media tech 1000 it’s not gonna be as powerful as snapping at 865 but it will be pretty powerful for in 28,395 devaise it’s rumoured to Rock triple cameras in the back as well coming up from the light model we have the one plus eight which is going to be using a hole punch design it’s gonna be similar to the galaxy s 10 which shows that Samsung was right and it also shows that oneplus is not confident entirely in the use of the pop up camera set which is why with the new generation they’re turning diverse the punch hole look so the eight will have much slimmer bezels in the light model it’s gonna have snapdragon 865 a bigger battery as well as a brand new 16 megapixel main camera lens in addition to the ultra wide telephoto and macro lens and then we’re gonna have the super high-end oneplus8 pro model with even larger 6.7 inch display and for the first time a 120 Hertz OLED display on a oneplus phone will see even bigger battery on that model again all that information will come pretty soon but yeah #oneplus for 2020 is definitely backed all 3 of these phones are looking really really solid especially the line model I think is gonna do really well in certain market especially Indian markets as always let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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