Realme Narzo 10A Review – Gaming Phone under 10k?


After many delays, Realme’s new Narzo series is finally here and the NARZO 10A is the more affordable of the 2 phones that have launched in this series now after looking at the launch and after having used this phone the NAZO 10A especially considering the Realme C3 exists and to be entirely honest there are only 3 differences major and minor included between these 2 phones so what’s really better on the NAZO 10a and that’s what I’m gonna find out in my review of the newly launched NAZO 10A

Realme Narzo 10A


With the Narzo 10a Realme is going for a really bold look the new Design identity is the first thing that separates the Narzo 10A from the Realme c3 there is a massive Realme logo on the back which is very similar to the style first adopted by Realme power banks I feel that it looked cool on a power bank but not so much on a phone I mean I’ve always been a fan of certain logo placements and this one’s definitely anything but subtle plus I’m sure that real me has a long way to go before it can create that sort of brand identity which it can plaster all across its phone although I must admit it doesn’t look too bad and sometimes both steps are well rewarded maybe the consumers like it and as for the rest of the design it is standard really fair and it is really catchy blue color and the matte plastic finish is nice too I think that it feels good in the hand and there’s nothing really much to complain about unlike the c3 you now get a fingerprint scanner and that’s the second difference between the 2 phones this scanner is blazing fast but the vibration motor is really bad it rattles the entire body of the phone even when you’re typing and that of course happens when you are using the fingerprint scanner as well I sincerely feel that any manufacturer not just Realme should avoid including the vibration motor in budget phones if it’s gonna be implemented in this way the buttons offer an above-average tactile feedback and you also get a copper SIM tray for what it’s worth overall the Narzo 10a has this bold design that could you know create a lot of split opinions you could like it but I definitely don’t do you like it let me know in the comment section below.


As for the Display you get the same 6.5 inch IPS LCD screen with an HD plus resolution it is an average quality display panel that attracts a lot of smudges especially if you have oily fingers the oleophobic coating on budget Realme phones is generally bad and same as the case for Naezo 10A  well plus the touch response state it’s not that good the good thing about the display is that it can get fairly bright for a sub 9k dopey phone but soaked in the c3 as for Netflix hot star and prime you can watch all of these in SD considering you get only white wine L3 certification.

Realme Narzo 10A


Now the phone Runs on Realme UI and I have spoken at length about the new update if you haven’t seen it yet you can check it in the card that pops up my take is that Realme UI on a phone under 10k is actually a very refined software experience what’s better is that I didn’t notice too many annoying ads either.


The 3rd and final addition to the Narzo 10a in comparison to the Realme c3 is the new 2-megapixel macro camera apart from the 12 megapixel primary and the 2-megapixel depth camera and to be honest, the pictures from this macro camera were disappointing, to say the least, and it feels like an addition to just bruised up the marketing collateral anyway the cameras in entirety and here’s what I think 

firstly the primary camera is a fairly decent shooterin good lighting situations the end result is soft pictures even otherwise though don’t expect to be blown away by the details or anything the colors are vibrant and the dynamic range performance is good enough for the asking price but the portrait camera took soft portraits in spiteof trying multiple times the 5-megapixel selfie camera on the other hand is crisp and detail provided you give it ample light and the portrait selfies are fairly accurate – with a believable edge cutout you can also adjust the level of blurred pre-shoot the 2 megapixel macro camera always short soft images and I couldn’t get a good shot despite multiple attempts there for defeating the purpose of this dedicated camera as for the video recording chops it will shoot 1080p 30fps videos without stabilization the audio recording is bad though if you plan to make #Tik-Tok with this phone prop it up on a tripod and use your own audio recording equipment and also find a polite to shoot Now when it comes to low-light shots the Narzo 10A struggles obviously I didn’t expect any better either also let me know that there is no night mode here So overall the Narzo 10A cameras are good enough for a quick picture here and there but I feel that you can spend a couple of thousands more and get the Redmi Note 8 it instead for a much more improved picture quality if camera performance is all that you seek.


Now just like the c3 that Narzo 10a also uses a Mediatek Helio g70 chipset but unlike the c3 the benchmark numbers were not as good which is weird considering the Narzo 10a is the more expensive phone as a matter of fact playing PUBG and continuity or not a smooth and jerk-free as I remember on the c3 as well in fact even everyday usage felt a little underwhelming with starters here and there looks like it is an optimization issue for the first batch of force that we’ve received maybe real me can put out an update to fix the performance issues and at least bring the performance of the level of the c3.


Moving on I’m glad you get a working Headphone jack of the phone but it is just that the quality of sound despite the use of real sound technology is not too great I could hear distortion at higher volume levels the mono speaker at the bottom gets adequately loud but it doesn’t sound very full it serves the purpose though.

Realme Narzo 10A


Inside the phone, you get a 5000 mAh Battery with Reversed charging support you also get a micro USB port at the bottom with 10 watts charging support could manage to charge the phone from 0 to 100 in around 2 hours and 20 minutes which is similar to what we benched with the Realme c3 as well and the phone get easily last you 2 days of usage on moderate use so battery performance-wise there is nothing to complain about the Narzo 10a as for the network performance, it was rock-solid on 4G and the earpiece quality was great too, however, let it be known that you cannot get 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi on this phone so you have to you know to live with 2.4 gigahertz on the Narzo 10A.

so is the Narzo 10a worth Rs 8,499 that extra money over the Realme c3 well definitely not I feel that most people can live without that fingerprint sensor and the macro camera as well and that leaves us with the design language so if you really want and like this bold design language that’s possibly the reason why you’ll pick the Narzo 10A over the c3 but otherwise I don’t see why you should spend more money you can just save a lot more by picking up the Realme c3 and that was our full review of the newly launched Narzo 10A I hope you guys liked it until next Time

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