Samsung Galaxy M31s Is Here Quik Review 64 Mp Intelli Camere?

Today we have partnered with Samsung to bring you a little teaser on what’s to come with the Samsung Galaxy m31s the M series has largely been successful for Samsung because it’s provided great value for money and now the m31s follows the m30s and m31 to amazon bestsellers and it’s expected to continue with the m series legacy now that Samsung’s revealed quite a few things about the m31s let’s take a look at some of the more interesting aspects of it so let’s now get started.



First up we have Single Take remember that feature from Samsung flagships you know the one where we tap on the shoot and shoot for a few seconds and then the phone chooses the best photos and videos all in a single take now that’s coming to the mid-range Samsung Galaxy m31s nice to see some of the more premium features trickle down talking about *Camera the alignment seems to have changed that said it’s still a Quad camera setup and the primary is 64 megapixels Intelli Camera, 5 Mp Macro (F2.4), 8 Mp Ultra Wide and 5 Mp Depth cameras now the Samsung Galaxy M31s had one of the best cameras in its segment

so here’s hoping that the Samsung Galaxy m31s continues being impressive moving on the Display is now Infinity-O and unlike with the m40 this time it’s still super AMOLED so that’s something I can’t wait to get my hands on and of course the M series phone has always had great Batteries and the m31s is no different it comes with a 6000mah battery while Samsung’s boosted the fast-charging capacity to 25 watts the charger should be included in the box it’s also worth noting that wired reverse charging is also supported here which given that huge capacity battery might actually be useful


an interesting thing worth noting is that the picture here shows the Samsung Galaxy M31s without a fingerprint scanner to the back that coupled with the AMOLED panel might mean this might just be the first M-series phone to get an in-display fingerprint scanner Samsung’s been calling this phone a monster and it might just be one that largely depends on Two factors the internals and price while the latter is something we can guesstimate based on the past record the former is something that only Samsung knows at this point so I guess we’ll have to wait till the 30th of July for the final reveal so are you guys excited about the Samsung Galaxy M31s which feature are you looking forward to the most let me know in the comments below Thank You.

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