Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price In India 100X MACHINE


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra live hands-on Leak is here a final piece that was missing I think this leak completes the whole leaks ago of the Samsung Galaxy S20 family we also had the galaxy S20plus let’s take a look at the live look of the s20 ultra and S20plus.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is indeed a 100X zoom Machine that tank camera is real I think now there is no doubt in anyone’s mind just imagine the zoom just imagine how far you can zoom with this thing I gotta say its function of our beauty I mean next to galaxy S20 Plus it doesn’t look all that great I think S20Plus has got a better look but yeah the cameras are going to be the main deciding factor between the two phones the s20 plus camera shape is a bit different it doesn’t have the periscope zoom or the 108 mega missile sensors you get a 12 X of sensor which is now coming with a bigger pixel size so it’s going to be better in low light situations you also get 64 Megapixel so zoom lens for those sharp zoom shots and 3x optical zoom and up to 30 X digital zoom so clearly S20 Ultra is in its own league and that’s why it cost 92,657 Approx it is a monster phone build for the absolute best.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Now I think the all-black Samsung galaxy S20 ultra looks sake I mean the camera kind of blends in so it looks like a silent monster compared to a lighter color again four cameras with LED flash there’s a slight microphone hole in the middle the camera specs just look incredible I think this phone does do justice do that 92,657 price now Samsung also leaked the S20 family dones of the Case page event live for a short time and someone took a screenshot and now we kind of know officially that it is Galaxy S20 and same thing happened with the galaxy Z flip which also further confirms the name there’s exciting feature coming to the cameras of the s20 family which something that I wanted with the s10 but they didn’t bring it so yesterday family can record videos simultaneously through all lenses so you don’t have to switch lenses every single time when you’re recording the video which is pretty nice so yeah this kind of wraps up everything soon I think we’re gonna see some kind of trailer leaked 

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