Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra TOP 10 FEATURES 100X Zoom


 what’s up guys and it’s that time again it’s time to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Top 10 Features of the new Galaxy S20 series there’s so much to talk about it’s crazy that it’s only been a year since the galaxy S10 and Samsung has brought so many new changes and features so let’s get started

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cameras

So first up we have is Cameras yes indeed this is the biggest upgrade biggest since galaxy s7 Samsung his going all-in this time around the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 plus are using a brand new 12 megapixel camera with a 1.8 micrometer pixel size which is an upgrade over the 1.4 of the last year’s flagship phone such as the Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 you’re gonna get some amazing pictures especially in low-light situations but then there is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra completely in its own league is rocking a 108 Megapixel main camera sensor which is a custom sensor made by Samsung never seen on any smartphone before this is the first time we’re seeing this on the s20 ultra not only that it’s got the biggest sensor as well coming at 1 by 1.3 inches thanks to this high-performance sensor the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can produce ultrashort photos like really really clear photos you can zoom in so far in your pictures and you will not lose detail about from that the s20 ultra will be getting a 40 megapixel front camera.

2. Zoom Zoom & Zoom

Another big aspect of the camera up is a zoom with Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 plus you get 64 MP telephoto lens that allows you to do 3x optical zoom and 30x a digital zoom now because it is a 64 MP sensor you will not gonna lose that much detail when you’re zooming in that far, of course, it’s gonna be a digital zoom but the result will be pretty amazing then comes the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra once again it is absolutely nuts it’s rocking a space zoom up to 100 X this is actually a 48 MP resolution telephoto lens that allows for 5x optical zoom 10x hyper zoom and then 100 X digital zoom once again because of the higher megapixel count you’re not gonna lose that much detail other than that we have ultra-wide-angle lens and Duf sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy S20 plus whereas the S20 losses on this one sensor.

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3.8K Video Recording

State-of-the-art video recording yes the impossible is done Samsung has made it possible to shoot 8k pro-grade video with Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus and Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra in addition to the 8k video you get 4k 120 frames per second HDR video performance you can shoot in 1080p as well super steady optical image stabilization mode is available pro video tools 4k 60fps video recording from front camera I mean this is the most video pack smartphone ever made it also has something called Directors mode which allows you to record videos from all lenses simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

4.Ultra Bright Night

Ultra Bright Night yes we’re not done with the cameras just yet Samsung has introduced something called ultra-bright night this feature not only lets you take super sharp photos at night but also cinematic videos so now you can have best of both world is gonna have state-of-the-art noise reduction software implementation so you get the best footage in night time as well as the best photos.

5. All-New Design

All-New Design with Samsung Galaxy S20 family Samsung is moving away from the side punch hole to versus the middle punch hole this is definitely a much cleaner implementation on the back we have a brand new design as well cameras are now more boxy towards the left-hand side there’s a bit slimmer on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 plus but on the S20 Ultra it’s definitely thicker it’s more pronounced here however all of them have camera buds so they’re not gonna sit flat on the table Samsung has killed off the Bigsby key and with that, they also killed off the headphone jack yes for the first time a galaxy s flagship phone won’t be having the headphone jack instead you’ll get dive C headphones right out of the box tuned by AKG and also if you’re gonna pre-order any of the Galaxy astronomer oh you’re gonna get the brand new Galaxy buds Plus right out of the box this offer will definitely be valid in most markets.

6. New Motion Dynamic OLED Display

All New Motion Infinity Displays Samsung has brought a 120 Hertz quad HD OLED HDR display with all the models users can now set the display to 120 Hertz 1080p in the settings if they want a more smoother experience overall with animations and just moving around on the device it’s gonna be ultra-smooth and at 1080 P resolution it will be easier on the battery as well you can also switch back to 60 Hertz if you want more battery life out of your phone but 120 Hertz is the way to go if you’re going for any of the galaxy s 20 models again.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

7.Biggest Galaxy Ever

Biggest Galaxies ever yes these phones are big we have a 6.4-inch Display with the galaxy s 20 6.7 inch for the S20 plus and 6.9 inch with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra they’re also rocking brand new 20×9 aspect ratios of the displays are going to be taller than ever and they’re gonna be slightly less wide than before also they still have the edge panel now with the big size you also get big battery so the Galaxy S20 Ultra you’re getting a 5000 milliamp Hour Battery which is massive 4500 mAh with s 20 plus and 4000 mAh with the galaxy S20.

8.PowerFull GAINS

All-New Power as like every year Samsung pushes the boundaries with its performance this time we have the powerful Snapdragon 865 running the show in some markets and then in other markets you’re gonna see Exynos 990 running the show both processors are really powerful for daily day-to-day tasks you’re not gonna see any lag you’re gonna see top-of-the-line performance it will be interesting to see if Qualcomm version this time around is still better in gaming and battery life or not we’ll find that out later but both will be really really powerful the US and China market will most likely be getting the Qualcomm version whereas the rest of the world will be getting the Exynos version.


Most RAM on a Samsung smartphone ever yes this time around Samsung has raised the bar even higher when it comes to RAM all the galaxy attorney models are now having 12 GB of RAM as their base level form which is insane and if you want to go up to crazy levels you can have the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra coming all the way up to 16 GB of Ram that is a desktop level madness happening on a smartphone all thanks to Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

10.45 Watts Charging

Last but not least we have 45 W hours of charging goodness this new charging level Samsung first introduced with the Galaxy Note 10 plus now making its way to the s20 family as well but galaxy s 20 and s 20 plus you’re gonna get the 25 watts of fast charger out of the box but now for the first time with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra model you’ll be getting the 45 watt or fast charging break right out of the box how cool is that.

so yeah these were my top 10 best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features from the smoothest display in the business to the most insane camera zoom this mankind has ever seen on a smartphone of course I mean this is looking incredible let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

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