Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price in India; Specifications, Release date

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Guys in the countdown has begun we are just a couple of days away from the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 line app along with the Samsung Galaxy Z flip now we have official press renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip completely revealing the whole design as well as revealing the official specs on top of that we have the second galaxy unpacked event teaser for the s20 family and Samsung Galaxy Z flip looking really really interesting as always Samsung has highlighted the camera module of the galaxy s turn the Electra the second diagonal box is the teasing of the galaxy Z flip as you guys already know Samsung has made a very bold design change regarding the s20 family and this is apparently the shape of the future now back to the galaxy Z flip.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Build & Design 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip soft run is rocking a special punch hold 6.7 inch OLED display apparently Samsung is calling this as infinity flex screen it can bend in the middle like a clamshell device it’s called slightly thicker bezels of course to protect that flexible display but where’s the bottom you can see that we have bumpers these bumpers are for extra protection Samsung don’t want any setbacks this time around so they’re making sure that this is completely ready for the market now this ultra-thin glass that they’re using still has a visible crease but it’s not gonna be as visible like the galaxy fold so still an improvement over that we’ve got power and volume key towards the right-hand side the power key also has the finger scanner in it which is going to be like the galaxy s 10 e really fast and convenient now looking at the back of the phone we have a very clean looking design actually no logo whatsoever just dual-camera LED flash and then there’s a color-coordinated screen that will display information like time and battery percentage and maybe notifications now in the unfolded orientation you can see there’s actually no visible Samsung logo but when you fold this phone logo right there and honestly it looks really good now as for the actual specs the display is a 1080p OLED display there’s 22:9 aspect ratio this is a very long display the screen does support HDR 10 Plus


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has an 855 plus which makes really really happy because initially rumor said that we might cease never again Snapdragon 710 but it’s actually walking snapdragon 855 Plus which is amazing and with that, we’re gonna see up to 8 Gb of RAM with a remarkable 256 Gb of internal memory now they’re doing important things about this phone is that it’s not a top-of-the-line Samsung device I mean it’s pretty good with the specs but it’s not top the line so you’re not gonna see the microSD card support there’s no headphone jack obviously and of course, it’s not going to support 5G maybe in the future sales like might launch a five-year version of this but right now it’s coming with 4G support only

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cameras

The back cameras we are getting a dual 12 Mp camera combination one of them is wild and the other one is ultra-wide-angle lens the main sensor is f1.8 aperture whereas the ultra-wide-angle lens is coming with F 2.2 aperture so you should be able to get decent camera performance from the back cameras and of course the front is 10 megapixel is very similar to the s10 family so you’ll get 4k front video recording and pretty good selfie performance as well 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


Now for the battery is said to be 3300 mAh which in my opinion is kind of low for a six-point seven-inch display again we’ll see how this phone will perform in real life 

Price & Release Date

Software-wise we’re gonna see 1 UI 2.O based on Android 10 onboard it is expected to get released on February 14th at 1,00,000 Rupees okay that’s kind of a shocking thing because we all expect the price to be under1,00,000 according to a lot of rumors but it turns out this phone is going to be costing above 1,00,000 but again at that price you can get s20 ultra it’s going to be a hard sell I mean we’re not sure about the pricing yet again everything will be unveiled pretty soon according to Ice Universe where Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra will take a 108 MP of photos comfortably without any delay let me know your thoughts about Samsung Galaxy Z flip in the comment section below 

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