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OnePlus Concept one smartphone in India Review and specifications

Oneplus is here and it’s something that we have not seen on a smartphone before it’s not the foldable design it’s something that is entirely different. The Oneplus concept one is a device with a disappearing design basically the cameras on the back can disappear this is achieved by the use of electrochromic glass and […]

Samsung Galaxy M10s Review, Camera review, specifications, Details

This is the #Samsung Galaxy M10s and it packs an AMOLED display that isn’t very common in this price point it also has a fingerprint scanner that its predecessor the galaxy m10 lacked but is the galaxy M10s over the upgrade or should you look at the competition well you’re about to find out  Design […]

Top 10 Best Smartphones Under 15000 of 2019 India

We should do the Top 10 Best Smartphones accessible in India under Rupees 15,000 this is an extremely cost serious market in India and I’m going to see advanced cells from around you could express 8000 to around 15,000 in light of the fact that those are the most well known in India, and we […]

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