Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps of 2020 Free Video Editor app for Android


Hey, guys lot of you guys wanted to know how to edit videos on your Android devices now in the current situation I know that you’re looking for great video editing software’s I will be talking about some of the best apps that are easy to use of plenty of features and one that is even made especially for vloggers and best of all they are all completely free.

1. Quik


Now the first step on this list is Quik which is an app that I’ve recommended countless number of times I shall continue to do so because of how awesome this video editor is from the house of GoPro you can use this to edit your videos super easy it uses highlights to capture the best moments from a clip and then even makes a sequence for you automatically if you don’t want to put a lot of effort you get access to various transitions filters stickers more than 100 free songs and whatnot heck you can even save project graphs in here for up to 7 days and the best part here is that all of it is absolutely 100% free 

2. Vlog It


Next up is an app made specifically for vloggers it hasn’t been updated in a long while but that should not hold you back because it’s still compatible with all modern devices and it’s called just like the purpose is Vlog It the whole idea behind Vlog It is to make video editing super seamless for just about anyone so you get a simple interface that allows you to edit and trim your videos and add various filters and layers you can even use picture-in-picture and speed controls to make your footage stand out the app also allows you to easily make thumbnails without putting in a lot of effort now this is a great part especially if you are a Youtuber since a thumbnail is a very very important part and this makes the whole process a lot easier yes there is a paid version that unlocks more features but even in the free version there is no trial watermark.

3. In Shot

In Shot

Moving on we have probably the most famous video Editor out there, In Shot, is preferred by the lord of users of them simply cuz of the plethora of transitions and effects that it offers the glitch effects stop-motion slow-motion ability to add stickers and frames and what not yes some of them are behind a paywall but even the free version should be sufficient for most users you can even use it to add video recordings later on and even adjust various settings of your videos now in the free version there is a watermark below but you can usually just watch a 30-second ad to remove it if you’re looking for a video editor with overloaded features, In Shot, should perfectly fit the bill.

4.Super Studio

Super Studio

Next up we have one of the rather unheard names that are slowly gathering a lot of attention on play store it’s called Super Studio and I’m sure that you guys will love it think of the super studio as the premier rush for pretty much everyone it offers all the features including Video Cuter Marger Trimmer Resizer speed control and whatnot you can add music customize different layers add filters and stickers to all your heart’s customization and the best part is that there is no limit whatsoever no limit or number of videos no paywall for any features everything is completely free 

Super Studio

now all that Apps I have talked about are great but they will have one thing in common which is that they have a seamless single layer layout personally that’s fine for most users but what if you wanted a more professional kind of an interface with more layered video editing software skills 

5. Kine Master

Kine Master

that’s what Kine Master comes in Kine Master is one of the best video editing apps to offer a layered video editing interface not only does it make merging and trimming videos easier it also gives you enhanced controls over your video files so apart from the usual transitions you can also use various blending modes and multiple effects to fully enhance the video you want also this is the only editor on this list that supports exporting up to 4k 30fps the free version comes with a watermark but considering the quality on offer it does make sense there’s no trial or anything and if you are ok with the watermark you can use it for as long as you like

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