Top 6 Best Power Bank in India 2020 Mi, Redmi, Realme Graphene??


when it comes to power banks most people just go on Amazon and buy a popular one usually the MI power Bank to I and for most of us it just works but how does it stack up against a Newly-Released Realme and Redmi power banks which one offers the most output and what if you’re if you are in the market for a Wireless Solar or even Graphene power banks do they really work.

1. Mi Power Bank 2i

Instead of Realme Power bank, I would recommend Mi Power Bank 2i why now the Mi power bank 2i also has a 20,000 mAh variant so why did I go with the 10,000 one okay so ground rule if you have multiple devices to charge that need to be charged regularly then go with the 20,000 mAh one the only thing to Dislike about the Mi Power Bank 2i is the sharp edges sometimes it scratches the surface of phones and yes the lack of type C port overall when it comes to features the Mi 2i does pretty much the same features like 18 watts fast charging and USB ports as Realme power bank but it’s only 800 bucks although it does miss out on type C port.

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Mi Power Bank 2i

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2. Mi Wireless Power Bank

This is the newly launched Xiaomi Mi wireless power bank and like every Xiaomi products it’s priced well first of all the main USP of the power bank is fast qi wireless charging and in case you don’t know fast wireless charging is limited to 10 watts and the Samsung flagships and the pixel phones are the only ones that support 10-watt fast wireless charging similar to the Realme power bank it has one type C and one USB ports however the type C port can only be used to charge the power bank it doesn’t withdraw current so you can wire charge only one device at a time and in case you charge two devices both wide and wirelessly none of them will fast charge having said all of these if you want a wireless power bank the Mi wireless power bank is the best deal in the market.

Mi Wireless Power Bank

3.Redmi Power Bank

If you want the type-c port you can get the newly launched red me power bank 1 unique thing about the Redmi power bank is the skins you can buy skins for it it’s pretty much same as Mi power bank 2i but comes with 2 major difference first it has type C port for charging second the maximum output is only 10 watts while both the Realme and Mi one has the 18-watt output and this is a big letdown so far it has the most features like dual USB port type C and micro USB and a reasonable price tax however it lacks the most important feature in my opinion that is 18 what fast charge so can’t recommend the Redmi Power Bank.

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Redmi Power Bank

So Redmi if you want to do something creative how about making something like the Chevron power bank it plucks in your wall socket and even has an additional 3,000 mAh battery so it’s even online in times of power failure plus plug in a USB cable to the adapter and you can even charge your phone.

4. Realme Power Bank.

The Realme power bank this was launched a few months ago and comes in Three color variants Black Red and Yellow with Big Realme Branding although this is 10,000 mAh it doesn’t provide you all the 10,000 mAh most of it is lost in heat and conversion it will effectively give you somewhere around 6 to 7,000 mAh well let’s go by the features of the real power bank which is also common in most of the power banks in this list like it can charge two devices at once it supports two-way charge or pass-through charging which means you can charge your phone while also charging your power bank simultaneously however none of them fast charge good thing is really my power bank comes with USB PD which is an open charging standard that lets you charge your small variables to Big laptop I tried it with my Vivobook and the power bank didn’t have sufficient output the thing is USB PD can go up to 100 watts but this power bank can only go up to 18 watt which is sufficient for fast charging a smart phone but not for a laptop also it did keep the Sony a73 running so that’s good but the other power banks can do that to both the type C and type port support fast charging but if you connect two devices at once only the one connected by a Type C will fast charge.

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Realme Power Bank.

5. Blavor Solar Power Bank

We have the Rugged Portable Charger which I was most excited about not only rugged and has a compass but also comes with Wireless and solar charging but is it any good on a strap looks like it’s meant to be for taking purposes now the normal factor is it’s not a regular power bank with type 17C or micro USB port it can even charge with solar energy and also wirelessly charge other devices this has made it my favorite power bank now I think to notice the wireless charger can charge iPhone and the app was Pro it didn’t work with the Galaxy watch however this has to do more with Samsung but if it did charge the Galaxy what it would have been awesome also solar power charging is a nice addition this LED denotes that it’s being solar-charged and you need to keep it under direct sunlight for it to charge and even then the charging input is quite low and impractical to be honest the effective power supply of this power bank is 6000 mAh or something it could charge his iPhone 10s max twice.

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Blavor Solar Power Bank

6. Elecjet Apollo Graphene Power Bank

Finally, we have this Electjet Apollo travel charger and I was most excited about this power bank because it’s made up of Graphene although the capacity is only 5000 mAh it charges insanely fast in 18 minutes like 0-100 in 18 minutes flat so the power bank uses a 60-watt charger that you get in the box however you can use any other 60 watts plus charger like the ones you get with Chromebook or MacBook with the 60-watt charger it can charge itself in flat 18 minutes well the answer to that is this power bank costs about $80 it is not even fully made of graphene it’s still a lithium-ion battery with composites or graphene the biggest obstacle in graphene batteries is the cost of mass production and the nature of graphene to easily get contaminated

Elecjet Apollo Graphene Power Bank

The Xiaomi power bank 2i even after years seems the best buy for more speed you get fast-charging under budget whereas

the Realme one is expensive and the Redmi one doesn’t have 18 what fast charger now coming to the solar one the solar charging in no way is efficient yet however, you should consider wireless charging and even this graphene power back they aren’t essential but makes life easier.

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