Vivo Apex 2020 Concept Smartphone In India; Full Specifications


What’s up guys and welcome to the future Vivo has officially unveiled its Vivo apex 2020 concept smartphone and it is mind-blowing not only the official trailer is out but we also have some of the hands-on images showing off the device in real life in its full glory we were far short of this concept project back in 2018 and now it looks more ready than ever it could be 

#Vivo apex 2020 5g

The first smartphone on the market officially with an Under-Display Camera system that’s not even the craziest part of the phone is rocking some of the most next-level technology that we have ever witnessed on a smartphone is rocking a 120 Degree Edgeless OLED Display which looks absolutely stunning because it’s the under-display camera it’s completely baseless from the front we have a brand new 48-megapixel gimbal camera stabilization this will help bring high quality stabilized video out of this phone it’s also the first smartphone to rock true 5 to 7 X optical zoom yes proper optical zoom beyond 5 X limit and something that is completely insane something that I did not expect to happen that is 60 watts of wireless charging that is faster than most companies cable charging I think this is absolutely nuts.

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#Vivo is calling this tech as a super flash charge if see when packing something called voice tracking autofocus which means the camera will a focus based on the voice I think that’s what the explanation is now as far as the real-life look at the phone it is equally impressive it’s a really tall edgeless smartphone with no bezel at all I mean there’s still a little bit of chin if you look closely but it’s probably close to 98 99 % of screen to body ratio because of the insane curve we actually don’t have any Bauer keys no physical keys on this phone and a very impressive back look as well this is indeed the future guys we’re gonna have the full bezel of smartphones extremely fast wireless charging will one day completely replace the cable charging a system that we use I mean this really is the most futuristic device we have right now way ahead of time and yes it is still labeled as a concept phone but the way it looks it’s only a matter of time before something like this we beyond the market for sale, it’s packing 5g along with Snapdragen 865 all the goodness and again a concept phone we’re not sure if something like this.

Vivo apex 2020

Will come out anytime soon or how much it’s gonna cost compared to a traditional flagship smartphone but all I can say the future has arrived it’s looking absolutely incredible let me know your thoughts in the competition below on the VEVO apex 2020 smartphone and what do you think Samsung should do at this point because they are working on their under-display camera smartphone as well should they bring it this year let I know and I’ll see you guys in the next to one.

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