December 10, 2019

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Vivo V17 Pro Price in India, Specifications, Features

vivo v 17 pro review

Vivos twice a year release of the mid-range V series we have here the Vivo V17 Pro #ClearasReal given that it has the same snapdragon 675 chipset as the V 15 pro the improvements in performance if any are marginal what has changed here is the new design that’s inspired by the next three as well as more cameras so while its predecessor had a pretty good run earlier this year the mid-range to upper mid-range market right now is quite tough in terms of competition so in that regard let’s see how this guy.

Vivo V17 Pro
Vivo V17 Pro

Build & Design 

It’s no mistake that the v17 pro takes its design cues from he recently released next three it is missing the new circular washing machine type camera however it carries over the new dual front-facing pop-up camera design as well as the overall profile of both the frame and the back panel thanks to the pop-up front cameras the phone gets a very nice almost all screen display the ultra curved edges of the next ring didn’t carry over to the mid-range version just yet we think those features are reserved for the v19 pro or whatever it will be called the bezels on all sides are slim including the chin and the back panel remains clean only housing the new quad rear camera module no fingerprint scanner here as this is vivo so you can find it under the screen the right side contains the power and volume buttons while on the left the dedicated Google assistant button makes a comeback love it or hate it at least it’s separated from the main buttons at the bottom we have the SIM tray with slots for 2 nano SIM cards and he dedicated micro SD card slot a USB type-c port main microphone and loudspeaker up top are the noise cancelling microphone the top of the pop-up camera as well as a headphone jack it’s a pretty thick and hefty device overall given that it has quite a big battery as well as bulky components for the pop up camera module however this does make it feel solid and thanks to the curved backside it sits comfortably in the hand despite all of this up front we have a six-point 44 in Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2,400 by 1080 it’s a pretty nice display that I don’t think you would have any issues with the Super AMOLED panel provides nice vibrant colors deep blacks and can get pretty bright also don’t forget that there’s no notch to get in the way of your viewing experience for audio it’s passable for casual listening it can get loud enough for a smaller room but it’s not an amazing experience per se which is ok that’s rare for a smart phone anyway mids are pretty clear highs get distorted at maximum volume and bass is pretty non-existent if you want a better audio experience bring out your best pair of cats and plug them into the headphone jack.

Software & Hardware 

Internal Software & hardware the V 17 pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 with an Adreno 612 GPU and 8 Gb of RAM this is pretty much the same setup as the top-of-the-line version of the V 15 pro so performance is roughly the same however it strangely doesn’t perform as well in these synthetic benchmarks that we usually use the V 17 pro got a score of just over 170,000 while RV 15 pro got us almost 178,000 performance is still decent overall giving you a smooth experience with just general UI navigation as well as software the v17 pro is running android 9Pi skin with fun touch OS 9 on top it’s honestly my least favorite skin because of how different it tries to be from other versions of android.

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Gaming we tested out Call of Duty mobile and mobile legends and even at knee-high settings frame rates are smooth for the battery.

Vivo V17 Pro
Vivo V17 Pro


We get a 4100 milliamp-hour cell would support for 18 watts dual engine fast charging with Type C in her standard video loop test we got 22 hours and 19 minutes of playback which is a pretty good time and this does show in day-to-day use after a whole day of moderate usage before going to bed though certainly if you use the phone frugally you can stretch this to two days without charging overnight.


You get the control center by swiping up from the bottom instead of swiping down from the top there’s a lot of proprietary software pre-installed and it takes a long time to get used to however there are some useful features tucked away such as smart motion app clone and Jovi smart scene and you do get native dark mode which makes for a really handsome user interface.

Vivo V17 Pro
Vivo V17 Pro


Cameras the v17 pro carries a quad camera set up on the rear made up of a 48-megapixel main shooter and 8-megapixel ultra wide a 13-megapixel telephoto and a 2-megapixel depth sensor under natural and ample lighting the rear cameras produce vivid and vibrant images color reproduction is accurate in portrait mode the subject background separation is rather disappointing especially the edge detection in wide-angle the v17 pro provides images that can capture on 120 degrees there’s a slight fisheye effect to the photos capture that wide angle but it’s not that noticeable a dedicated night mode is included in the v17 pro’s camera app and the results are modest enough it’s not that good but not too bad either he just can come out slightly blurry and colors may seem washed out but it works the v17 pro also has a super macro mode allowing users to get as close to 2.5 centimeters in their shots it does sound impressive but seeing the photos taken in this mode is slightly disappointing it does show the details of the subject in focus but the rest of the photo has a ton of noise to it for selfies the V 17 pro is rocking a dual camera setup that’s composed of a 32 megapixel and an 8-megapixel ultra wide and again that’s for the pop-up selfie camera that’s true cameras it produces pretty great selfies similar to the rear cameras colors are accurate and vivid details can sometimes look soft but they’re still noticeable enough.

One thing we like about the v17 pro selfie camera is that even with the beauty mode switched on the post-processing still looks natural in portrait mode however similar to the rear cameras the subject background separation isn’t too great and the edges appear slightly sharp and noticeable Vivo has also equipped the v17 pro with a posture feature in its camera app it’s a fairly fun feature that suggests poses for your selfies and group photos when you can’t think of one it takes in a lot of detail but the colors appear to be a little bit washed out. 

So compared to earlier this year the cameras on Vivos new v-series device has improved the battery is bigger the design has also been revamped which includes a new pop-up module new look and a type C port however that’s all we still get pretty much the same screen same chipset same software experience and to a lot of people, no increase in performance means that the product is worth skipping until the next generation arrives and to a lot of people no increase in performance means that the product is worth skipping until the next generation arrives maybe they’re right the standard and mid-range chipsets right now is the snapdragon 700 series and with the Vivo, V 17 Pro stuck on the snapdragon 675 it’s facing a lot of tough competition that simply offers better performance at a lower price and about that price point you can get a snapdragon 855 or Tier II 980 powered phone at the exact same price bracket as this phone so yes while it is new and flashy Vivos latest v series device it’s very iterative.

If you already own a V 15 pro there’s not much of a case to be made to upgrade and if you’re looking to buy whatever Vivos newest mid-range phone is it’s probably best to wait for the V 19 Pro or whatever it will be called early next year and again for a similar amount of money you can get something like the Huawei nova 5 t which offer flagship chipsets so that wraps up this full review of the Vivo V 17 pro let us know what you guys think of this phone in the comment section below.

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